USA is the leading nation in the world with maximum number of international students. every year USA welcomes more than a million international students. The major attraction of USA for international students are high quality education, high standard of living and worldwide recognized degrees. USA is the dream land to many students around the world. USA is known for its groundbreaking research. So, study is totally based on research and practical. It makes students easier to understand and analyze.

Education System in USA

 You will find numbers of top ranked colleges and university in USA. USA has the four institution options. They are:

  • State colleges
  • Private colleges
  • Community college
  • Institutes of technology.

The cost of studying in different types of institutes are different so that students can choose according to their affordability.

There are 4500+ universities and colleges in universities which offers more than 10 times higher courses provision than any other country in the world which makes student easier to follow their carrier options.

Expected cost of Studying in USA

The cost of studying in USA could be costly in many cases as it the leading nation in education. But it also differs according to institution and courses you chose to study.

  • If you choose t study in state college than they charge you around USD 23000$. Though it varies according to the courses USD 23000$ is the average cost of studying in state colleges.
  • If you choose private college for your study, then the cost will be around USD 31000$ in an average.
  • If you are willing for an Associate Degree, you can study that at public college in an average cost of USD 3300$ per year.

Employment Opportunities

Skilled workers are very much adored, and it is easier to find the job. However, USA has a strict employment law. You can work in USA when you have a Green card. Green card will allow you to stay and work in USA. You can also apply for work visas in temporary, seasonal or exchange worker basis. But this requires Work Visa, as well you should get permit to work which is called an Employment Authorisation Document (EAD).

Processing procedures

  1. Visit United Knowledge and talk to our educational consultant.
  2. Appear an IELTS or TOEFL and score good.
  3. Apply to the universities or institution. We will help and guide you to choose the institute according to your courses.
  4. Receive an i20 Documents
  5. Collect student visa documents
  6. Fill DS 160 form and Book visa interview
  7. Attend visa Interview
  8. Collect Password and get to your destination for a wonderful future.
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