Australia is among a develop country with great natural beauty and high standard of living. It has great healthcare facilities and excellent education facilities. It is safe country to live in and for students to study. This country is 3rd most popular study destination following USA and UK.

Education System in Australia

You are making a right choice if you are thinking about studying in Australia. Find out why?

  1. Australia has renowned universities among which 8 of them are listed in top 100 all around the world.
  2. Most of the universities are in capital city and main cities of the Australia. The cities itself are ranked in top 30 most labial cities for students.
  3. It is 3rd most popular destination for students after USA and UK to study and live.
  4. It has a great variety of courses for students where every student around the world can find the subjects of their interest.

Australia is a place where students get perfect place to study, live and explore another culture. It has plenty of attraction including mesmerizing beaches and attractive architectures.

Expected cost of Studying in Australia

Being the 3rd most popular destination for students, studying in Australia is not cheap. But they are not as high as compared to other famous countries. As a international students you are expected to pay tuition fee in advance.

  1. For the international students the fee starts around $20,000 AUD annually and the average fee is around $30,000 AUD.
  2. For the English language program students are expected to pay around $3800 per week. But it varies as per the length of the course.
  3. Vocational education and trainings may cost around $4,000 AUD to $22,000 AUD depending upon the training field and duration of training.
  4. Bachelor’s degree will cost you around $15000 AUD to $ 33,000 AUD depending upon the course you choose to study.
  5. Post graduate master’s degree will cost you around $20,000 AUD to $37,000 AUD depending on the course.
  6. Doctoral degree will cost you around $14,000 to $ 37,000.
  The higher value courses like medical and veterinary will cost higher.

Employment Opportunities

Australia is one of those country which will allow student to work on free time and part times. So international students in Australia can work part times for 20 hours per week and full times during vacations.

After you get qualified from the university, your work value will get increased where you can work on the field of your study. University qualified employees are high in demand. Engineering and professionals are high in demand and easily can grab a high paid job.

Processing procedures

  1. Visit United Knowledge and talk to the educational consultant for counselling.
  2. Prepare and Sit for an IELTS exam.
  3. Apply to the university or college.
  4. Receive offer letter from the college/university.
  5. Prepare and collect student visa documents.
  6. Pay the tuition fees.
  7. Medical Check-up
  8. Apply for Student Visa.
  9. Collect the visa grant letter and fly towards your study destination
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