Mock Test

For the best IELTS preparation, try our Mock Test with well equipped classroom with top-notch standard. Not only does this test familiarize you with IELTS, but it also gives you an indication of how you will perform on the exam. You will sit a full real-like mock test, which will improve your time management skills and set realistic expectations of your potential performance.

United Knowledge is very well-known for it’s excellency it holds and students’ satisfaction. And Mock Test is also very remarkable in the capital. United Knowledge held mock test every Sunday.

MOCK TEST @ United Knowledge

  • Day: Every Sunday
  • Venue: United Knowledge Premises (
  • Time: 9:45 AM to 12:45 PM
  • Full Mock Test Fee: NRs. 590/- per Mock Test

Individual Mock Test

    • Listening: NRs. 150/-
    • Reading: NRs. 150/-
    • Writing: NRs. 200/-
    • Speaking: Nrs. 200/-

*Note: Speaking test time will be allocated according to the registration order.

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